Using a bathroom transfer bench shouldn’t mean a wet floor.


Water, water everywhere. It’s annoying. It ruins your walls and floors. Most of all, getting water on the bathroom floor because you’re using a traditional transfer bench, creates a slip-and-fall hazard.


Other Benches

Other benches stretch over the edge of the tub, keeping the curtain from closing. An open curtain means less privacy, a wet floor, and a safety hazard.


TubTight lets you close the shower curtain.


TubTight’s innovative, patented, clamping design allows you to enjoy the privacy and safety of closing your shower curtain while bathing. You get the privacy you deserve, and all the water stays inside the tub.


Upgrade today

Safety - Stability - Privacy - Dry Floors

Upgrade to the transfer bench designed to keep you safe in—and out—of the tub.


it fits your life

You get a better bench. Your family gets their shower back.

TubTight is exactly what our family needed. My husband’s transfer bench used to be in the way all the time. Now that we have TubTight, the kids and I can close the shower curtain without removing the bench.
— Leah G., Los Angeles, CA

What is TubTight?


TubTight is an innovative alternative to traditional bathroom transfer benches. TubTight is designed to provide security and stability for the injured, infirm, or handicapped as they enter and exit a bathtub to shower. TubTight’s patented clamping design not only provides world-class stability, but also allows the shower curtain to close fully, for a more private shower, and a completely dry bathroom floor.


Who can use TubTight?

  • TubTight is suitable and adjustable for use on non-fiberglass bathtubs, measuring 7.5 to 17 inches high, with a sidewall between 3 and 7 inches wide.

  • TubTight can be used on either left or right facing tubs; simply reverse or remove the backrest.

  • TubTight is easily installed without tools. Its rigid clamp locks the bench in place while the user transfers into or out of the tub.

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