TubTight for Therapists

Physical and occupational therapists are quite familiar with the drawbacks of using bathtub transfer benches that prevent shower curtains from closing. The resultant water on the floor creates the possibility for a slip-and-fall accident.


Patient Safety

Patient safety is your top priority, and TubTight is here to help. TubTight uses an adjustable clamping system that locks the bench to the outer tub sidewall, thereby stabilizing it and preventing bench movement while the user is transferring into and out of the bathtub. This same clamping device allows the shower curtain to close fully and increases the user’s sense of privacy.

TubTight’s frame and legs are made of heavy-gauge aluminum and have the added strength of cross-member supports. TubTight takes only a few minutes to set up and requires no tools.


close the curtain

The unique TubTight clamping design allows the shower curtain to close while the patient is in the tub.

Closing the curtain:

  • Provides greater patient privacy

  • Prevents a wet floor slip-and-fall hazard

  • No need to clean up puddles off the floor

Tub Requirements

  • TubTight does not work with fiberglass tubs or tubs with claw feet.

  • TubTight does not work in all bathrooms. See video below for requirements.

  • TubTight works with tubs whose sidewall height is between 7.5 inches and 17 inches. Measure from the floor to the top of the bathtub sidewall.

  • TubTight works with tubs whose top sidewall thickness measures between 3 inches and 7 inches. Measure from the inside to the outside at the top of the tub sidewall.


If you need a bath chair in the tub,

purchase a bath chair that has a flat seat—NOT CURVED!

  1. Adjust the legs on the chair equally, until the seat of the chair while in the tub is at the same height as the transfer bench seat.

  2. Having the two seats at the same height will make for a smoother, safer transition.


Still have questions about TubTight?